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After discovering 3 children had head lice we panicked and rang the clinic. Bernie reassured us not to panic and within 24 hours we were lice free. The children were anxious going into clinic but we’re delighted to see it was relaxed and fun. Ed sheeran tunes & ds games. Thank you so much.

S in KilcockKilcock

I thought twice about posting this review due to the “taboo” that is headlice!!….but you know what ? If this helps just one person/family that’s been struggling with getting rid of the buggers thats enough for me. The impact that it can have on self esteem & confidence is quite serious, it’s been a torturous 10 months & to be honest we had given up & we’re just trying to learn to live & cope with it. We’ve had 3 heads treated with Bernie today & to know that they’ve finally been dealt with is such a relief, it’s been a very emotional experience. I’m so so grateful to Bernie & her team.
I highly recommend you get it touch, the current louse of Ireland are resistant to over the counter treatments, trust me I know!!!! It was such a relief to understand what we were really dealing with & finally know that there was something we could do. Fabulous experience today

Adeline GLongford
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